Arabic and Islamic Studies

Subject area

The field of Arabic and Islamic Studies in the Georg Olms Verlag programme includes publications in the research areas of Islamic Studies, Arabic Studies, Egyptology and Turkology. In addition to dissertations and monographs, the series Arabist und Islamwissenschaftliche Texte und Studien also publishes anthologies covering the entire spectrum of Arabic and Islamic Studies.


More than 20 volumes have been published in English in the series Studies on Ibadism and Oman. It includes publications on the (intellectual) history of Oman and (Ibadi) Islam, which are also relevant for a broader audience interested in Islamic studies and Arabism.

Since 2005, Georg Olms Verlag has also been in charge of numerous commissions for clients from the Middle East. For example, the 50-volume German-language reprint edition of Documenta Arabica, an 80-volume Mango Tree Encyclopedia in four languages as well as three-volume splendid editions of the Royal Opera House Muscat and the Mountains of Oman were produced. In addition, there are editions and translations of Arabic-language sources, such as the 30-volume, trilingual work Portugal in the Sea of Oman.