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John Godfrey Lewis Kosegarten
The Hudsailian Poems
contained in the Manuscript of Leyden. Ed. In Arabic [I] and translated with annotations [not published].

London 1854 , Reprint: Hildesheim 1984, VIII/295 pp., Cloth
ISBN: 978-3-487-07504-4

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The songs of the Banu Hudsail are the only tribal divan extant from pre- and early Moslem times. At that time, this proud North Arabian tribe lived in the impressive mountain country east of Mecca, where their descendants can still be found today with large herds in the "heart of the Hedjaz". The original poetry of these fierce and eloquent Bedouins affords keen insights into the hard life, battles, customs and traditions of the sons of the desert. J. G. L. Kosegarten’s (1793 - 1860) attempt at editing and translating these unique historic documents is a product of German Romanticism. Although his work was eventually completed by others, Kosegarten is to be credited for his pioneering effort producing one of the finest and most frequently quoted Arabic books in 19th century Germany.