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Marschalck in Hispanien
Das deutsche Wandertruppen-Manuskript der Spanish Tragedy. Handschrift um 1660.

Faksimiledruck: Hildesheim 1973. Mit Erläuterungen und einer Abhandlung herausgegeben von W. Flemming , 298 S., nicht paginiert, Leinen
ISBN: 978-3-487-04389-0
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Thomas Kyd's Spanish Tragedy immediately enjoyed great popularity
and was repeatedly performed in London. It was only natural,
therefore, that a most successful play, with no less than eight
murders, should be introduced to the Continent by strolling players.
It is known to have been performed in Germany from the year 1626
until after 1680, but a German translation was till now unknown.
However, a translation exists. Professor Willi Flemming publishes it
from a copy in his possession.

Jeronimo Marschalck in Hispanien is a prose translation of the type
commonly used by strolling players. Technical progress makes it
possible for the publishers to offer a photostatic copy of the
original manuscript, side by side with a transcription. The edition
also contains a copy of the Dutch original, in rhymed Alexandrines,
and textual notes are supplemented by a critical analysis.