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Reinhard Eisener (Hrsg.)
Today's Perspectives on Ibadi History

2017, 350 S., mit 48 Abbildungen., Hardcover
Reihe: Studies on Ibadism and Oman, 7
ISBN: 978-3-487-15152-6

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Since the remarkably strong increase in scholarly activity concerning research on the Ibadiyya in the recent decades it is high time to provide insight into the topical state of affairs. The present volume is devoted in particular to the study of Ibadi history and its sources, thus covering the long period of time from early Islam to our days, and extending geographically from the Indian Ocean region to the Mediterranean. Scholars from all over the world deal in their contributions to this volume with a great variety of topics and approaches, thereby revealing in several respects the challenging character of this field of research, just to mention the question of regional specifics and interrelations of the dispersed Ibadi community, the filling of information gaps in its historical narrative, or the reconstruction of sources and their appropriate interpretation. In that way this book also may serve as an ample source of inspiration to future research on Ibadi history.