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Robert Seymour Conway
The Italic Dialects
Edited with a grammar and glossary. 2 volumes.

Cambridge/Mass. 1897 , 2nd reprint: Hildesheim 2001, XXXII/686 pp., Cloth
ISBN: 978-3-487-01709-9

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Vol. 1: The records of Oscan, Umbrian and the Minor Dialects, including the Italic glosses in ancient Writers and the local and personal names of the dialectal areas. Cambridge/Mass. 1897. 2nd reprint: Hildesheim 1967. XXVI/1 - 456 pp. Cloth. ISBN 978-3-487-01710-5
Vol. 2: An outline of the Grammar of the Dialects, Appendix, Indices and Glossary. Cambridge/Mass. 1897. 2nd reprint: Hildesheim 1967. VI/459 - 686 pp. Cloth. ISBN 978-3-487-01711-2